Saturday 27 October 2018

Sejong Smart City Design Competition

Urban Design Studio for postgraduate students at ERICA Campus, Hanyang University, led by Networking City, is invited for the student design competition of ‘Sejong Smart City’ by Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH).

Last January, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea designated ‘5-1 Liveable Area of Sejong City’, a part of the new Korean administrative city, as a national testbed for Smart City and LH took responsibility to create the smart city from an initial plan and design to delivery for 2.74 km2 area.

To promote the interest from academics, industries and citizens and to share various ideas, LH invites six urban design studios from Korean universities and supports them to do good projects. The urban design studios will suggest inter-disciplinary ideas and have a joint exhibition in December.

Networking City’s studio accepts the LH’s kind invitation and makes efforts to create a better urban environment.
More news about the competition will be followed. 

Wednesday 13 December 2017

‘Songdo: the hype and decline of world’s first smart city’ in ‘Sustainable Cities in Asia’

Routledge published ‘Sustainable Cities in Asia’ last September.
The book was edited by Federico Caprotti, Associate Professor in Human Geography at the University of Exeter, and Li Yu, Reader in Planning at Cardiff University.
It contains 23 chapters that show recent urban policies and practical challenges to build up sustainable cities in Asian cities.

I contributed Chapter 12: ‘Songdo: the hype and decline of world’s first smart city’ for the book. It looks at the history of Korean smart city policy, traces the twenty-five-year history of Songdo and critically reviews the reality of Songdo.

You can find more details of the book from Routledge’s webpage.

Thursday 19 November 2015

Mapping Protest in 3D with Twitter Data

As one part of my docotoral thesis, I have made the video that shows the relationship between ‘London End Austerity Now’ Protest on 20th June 2015 and the Twitter acitivity on that day.
The video gives you some details about the protest, the data and 3D visualisation.
If the following YouTube video is not displayed on your device, please use this link.